Invoice form settings

In Sage One, you can change the defaults that appear on your invoices. You can change the way in which they’re numbered and also add in any terms and conditions and notes you want your customers to see. To view your defaults:

  • Go to Settings, then Invoice Form Settings.

You can change the following information on your invoices, then once you’re happy with the changes, click Save.

Prefixes Enter the text that you want to appear before the relevant form type number up to a length of six characters.
Numbering Enter the number you want your invoices and credit notes to start from. For example, if you’ve just started using Sage One, you might want to start from the last number you used in your previous accounting system.

You can also select whether you want to group the numbering for your invoices and credit notes together or keep them separate.
Delivery address
Terms and conditions Enter any default terms and conditions you want to appear on your invoices. If you need to, you can change these when you create an individual invoice.
Notes Enter any default notes you want to appear on the relevant forms.For example, you might want to enter details for how you want your customers to pay you.
EU sales description If you sell goods or services to VAT registered customers in the EU, although the VAT is zero rated, you need to let customers know what VAT rate would apply if you sold the item in the UK. To do this you need to choose the relevant VAT rate description when you create the invoice. If you want to, you can amend the text that appears on the invoice.

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