Purchase invoice discounts

If you receive discounts from your supplier you can record these against the invoice in Sage One. You can also amend an existing invoice to add a discount at a later date.

To record a discount when you enter an invoice

  • 1. Expenses > Purchase Invoices > Record Invoice.
  • 2. Enter the supplier name, invoice date, due date and reference.
  • 3. Enter the item lines as normal. To find out more about how to do this, please see our Create and manage purchase invoices article.
  • 4. To enter the discount, on the next available line, enter a description, for example Discount > choose the expense type.
  • 5. Enter the quantity > enter the unit price as a negative value for example, -10.00 > choose the VAT rate.

The VAT and total amounts automatically calculate as a negative value based on the quantity and unit price.

To add a discount to an existing invoice

  • 1. Expenses > Purchase Invoices > click the required invoice.

Manage Invoice > Edit.

  • 2. To enter the discount information, follow steps 4 and 5 in the section above > Save.

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