Producing P60s

You must provide a P60 to all employees still employed by you on 5 April by 31 May 2016.

With Sage One Payroll, you don’t need any P60 stationery. You can simply create a PDF which you can print and give to your employees.

The P60 shows your employee’s total pay and deductions, including:

  • Their final tax code for the tax year.
  • Their total pension income for the year, if applicable.
  • The total amount of tax they paid during the year.
  • Their total national insurance contributions for the year.

Once you’ve successfully submitted the final EPS as part of the year end process, you have the option to print P60 certificates.

To produce your P60s

  • 1. Year End tab > Tax year to report on > 2015/2016.
  • 2. Print P60 Certificates.

Depending on your Internet browser the P60s open in a new window or tab and you can choose to print or save them from your browser file menu.

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