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Review your employees' P11 values

Before you submit your end of year return to HMRC, you should check your employees values for the year are correct.

You can do this using the P11 reports. Each employee has two P11 reports, one for PAYE and one for NI. You don’t submit these reports to HMRC, however, you must keep them for at least three years in case of an HMRC inspection.

Watch how to generate and review P11 reports

What do the reports show?

P11 Deductions Working Sheet (PAYE Details)
  • Employee’s taxable pay
  • Deductions of tax for each pay period processed within the tax year
  • Previous tax codes
P11 Deductions Working Sheet (NIC Details)
  • Earnings in specific bands
  • Total employee and employer national insurance (NI) contributions
  • Employee only NI contributions
  • Statutory sick pay
  • Statutory maternity pay
  • Statutory paternity pay
  • Statutory adoption pay
  • Student loans
  • Any changes to an employee’s NI category

To generate your P11 reports

  • 1. Year End tab > Tax year to report on > 2014/2015.
  • 2. Review Employee Pay (P11) > View P11 for all employees.

You should now check the values are correct and there are no missing pay runs or incorrect payment values. If you find mistakes, you must correct these before continuing. You can then check the P11s again and once you’re happy they’re correct Year End > select the Employee Pay has been reviewed check box.

Common errors and possible reasons

Missing pay runs
  • You haven’t completed the final pay run of the tax year.
  • The employee was incorrectly set to Do not pay on one or more pay runs.
  • One or more pay runs were skipped incorrectly. In the Pay tab, a skipped pay run has the status Skipped.
Incorrect payment values
  • You specified incorrect payment values during one or more pay runs.

If you find mistakes, you must correct these before continuing.

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