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Small employer's relief

If you pay your employees any statutory maternity pay (SMP), statutory paternity pay (SPP) and statutory adoption pay (SAP), you can reclaim some or all of it.

How much you can reclaim depends on whether you’re classed as a small employer or not. If you’re a small employer, you can reclaim 100% of the payment, plus an extra 3% relief. If you’re not a small employer, you can still reclaim 92%.

You reclaim the relief when you record your P32 payment to HMRC and submit your employer payment submission (EPS). Your submission is monthly or quarterly, depending on your HMRC reporting frequency.

If you’re unsure which reporting frequency you’re on, you should check this with HMRC.

Who qualifies as a small employer?

Your company normally qualifies for small employers’ relief if your liability for national insurance (NI) contributions was £45,000 or less in the last complete tax year prior to the employee’s qualifying week, or in the case of adoption, the matching week.

  • For babies due between 14 July 2014 and 19 July 2015 – Check your liability for 2013/14.
  • For babies due from 20 July 2015 – Check your liability for 2014/15.

If you’re a new employer or unsure whether you qualify for small employer’s relief, you should check this with HMRC.

To reclaim small employer’s relief

After processing your pay run and submitting the full payment submission (FPS).

  • 1. Pay > click relevant pay run > Record Payment / EPS.
  • 2. Select Yes from the Eligible for small employer’s relief* drop-down list.

    You can also state whether you’re eligible for employment allowance in the EPS submission.
  • 3. Enter payment date > Next.
  • 4. Complete the next screen, if relevant > Next.
  • 5. Enter Government Gateway credentials, if not already saved > Submit.

The amount paid automatically reduces and shows on the P32 Employer Payment Record.

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