Sage One Help

Creating an Employee

Your Sage One Payroll system is licensed on the basis of the number of employees you need to support. You can license the system for:

  • a maximum of 5 employees
  • a maximum of 10 employees
  • a maximum of 15 employees

To set up an employee in the system, carry out the following steps:

  • 1. Click the Employees tab.
  • 2. The system’s existing employee records are listed. To create a new employee record, click Create Employee.
  • 3. Enter the employee’s details. If you need information about any of these pieces of information, including how to handle a starter’s P45 or P46 click here.

(Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.)

  • 4. Click Save.

You have created a new employee record.

Employee Status

The next time you view the employee list, you’ll see that the new employee is listed.

Check the Status column to see whether further action needs to be taken to make the employee active in the payroll.

Starter Information for HMRC

The employee is now active in the payroll. HMRC is informed of this automatically as part of the relevant Full Payment Submission (FPS).

Creating an employee after the pay run in which they started

If you encounter this situation, it’s best to contact Sage One Payroll Support for guidance.

There is no way to add an employee to a completed pay run. However, Support may be able to suggest a workaround that deals with the situation.