Sage One Help

Record Absences

‘Record Absences’ is the second stage of a pay run. It involves recording:

  • 1. Ensure that the Record Absences icon is green. This indicates that you are currently working in the ‘Record Absences’ stage of the pay run.
  • 2. On the left-hand side of the screen, select the employee for whom you wish to record an absence.
  • 3. Hover over the Add Absence button.

A drop-down list of the available absence types opens. Choose the relevant absence type.

For example, to record sick leave, choose Sickness.

  • 4. The Add Leave window opens. The information you enter here depends on the type of absence you are recording.
  • 5. When you have specified the relevant details, click Save.
  • 6. If the absence you have recorded can qualify for statutory pay, but the employee does not meet the qualifying criteria for this, the Statutory Pay panel now opens.

Read the information this contains, and provide the necessary details.

Then click Save again.

You can leave the Record Absences screen and return to it as many times as is necessary to record additional absences during the pay run. And you can also record absences when you are editing a completed pay run.

The next pay run stage: Edit Pay.