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Updating Employee Tax Codes

Each employee gets a new tax code at the start of the tax year. These new tax codes are effective from 6 April.

To update employee tax codes:

For employees on a tax code with an L suffix, the tax code is set to increase by 56 at the beginning of the 2014/15 tax year.

So if a tax code was 944L in 2013/14, it changes to 1000L for 2014/15.

Unless you’ve received an individual tax code update for an employee, this change applies to all employees with an L suffix tax code


  • 1. Start the first pay run of the new tax year.
  • 2. The new employee tax codes are listed. Check each employee in the list to make sure their new tax code is correct.
  • 3. For employees whose tax codes can’t be updated automatically, click ‘Check with HMRC

This opens the HMRC portal.

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