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Review your employees' P11 values

At Payroll Year End you need to review employee pay values for the tax year to make sure they’re correct.

The P11 Deductions Working Sheets report contains an employee-by-employee breakdown of tax contribution values, including:

  • All completed pay runs processed in Sage One Payroll
  • Employees’ total pay that is subject to tax and NI.
  • Total tax and NI deductions, including employer NI contributions
  • Statutory payments
  • Student loan deductions
  • Any changes to tax codes or NI categories

  • 1. Year End window > If you have completed more than one tax year in Sage One Payroll, select the tax year to report on.
  • 2. Review Employee Pay (P11) > View P11
  • 3. Review the employee yearly totals in the P11 report. If a yearly total appears incorrect, review the individual pay runs to find any errors.

If you see errors that need to be corrected, make sure to do this before moving onto the next step in the Payroll Year End process.

To correct an error, return to the relevant pay run and make corrections as appropriate.

The changes you make may also have an impact on subsequent pay runs. Sage One Payroll will automatically determine the net result of the correction and apply an adjustment to the employee’s next pay run.

  • 4. Generate the P11 Deductions Working Sheets report again to verify that the yearly totals are now correct.
  • 5. When you are satisfied that the totals are correct, select the check box called Employee Pay has been reviewed.

Don’t move on to the next payroll year end task until you’ve done this.

Common errors you may find

Employee(s) missing pay run(s) Possible reasons include

– You forgot to complete the final pay run of the year.

– In one or more pay runs, the employee was incorrectly set to Do not pay.

– One or more pay runs were skipped incorrectly. In the Pay Runs tab, a skipped pay run has the status Skipped.

Incorrect payment values You specified incorrect payment values during one or more pay runs.

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