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Connecting to Stripe

Stripe is a secure, online payment service that you can connect to your Accounting (or Accounting Start) account. Make it quick and easy for your customers to pay without having to contact you and speed-up your cash flow by connecting to Stripe.

To connect to Stripe:

  • 1. Go to Settings, and then in the Connect section, click Card Payments.
  • 2. Review the Stripe fee information and then click:
  • Sign In. If you already have a Stripe login and have created a new (unused) account from the Stripe Dashboard that you want to use with Accounting. Select the account after signing in.

Your Stripe account must be created in the same country as your Accounting business. If your existing Stripe account has payments from other sources, you must create a new Stripe account that is for use only with Accounting. This will ensure your transactions can be accurately reconciled.


  • Create Account. To create a new Stripe account to use with Accounting and then resume this procedure.
  • 3. Click Sign in with Stripe to connect.
  • 4. Enter your Stripe credentials and then click Sign in to your account.
  • 5. On the Manage Connection page, select:
Where will your Stripe fees be recorded? By default, Stripe fees are posted to ledger account 6200 – Bank Fees and Interest. To change this, click the drop-down list to select a different account.
Where will your payouts be transferred? A payout is a transfer from your Stripe account to your selected bank account. You set up your payout bank account in Stripe and payouts usually occur every two weeks.

The default ledger account shown here should be the bank account you selected when you created your Stripe account. If not, be sure to select the correct account so that you can see when your payouts move from Stripe to your bank account.
  • 6. Click Save.