Account allocations

If you created standalone credit notes or payments on account for a customer or vendor, you can allocate them to one or more invoices using the Account Allocation option.

You can only use this option to allocate outstanding transactions together. You cannot use it to record a payment or a receipt. If you have received any money in or are paying money out, you must record it using the Customer Receipt or Vendor Payment option from Banking.

If you have already allocated a transaction and you need to unallocate this, for example, you allocated a credit note to the wrong invoice, see our Unallocate transactions article.

To allocate credit notes, payments on account and invoices

  • 1. Click Contacts and then open the appropriate contact.
  • 2. Click Manage and then Account Allocation.
  • 3. Do one of the following:
  • To allocate all transactions, select the check box at the top left of the list of transactions.
  • To allocate individual transactions, select the check box for each item.
  • To allocate part of a transaction to another (for example, if you want to credit part of an invoice), click the Paid box for the transaction you want to part pay, enter the value in Amount to Pay, and then click Save.
  • 4. When the Left to Allocate field displays zero, click Save.

When transactions are allocated together for a contact the allocation date will be the date of the most recent transaction. For example, if on June 28th, you allocate, and invoice dated 6/9/2018, a credit note dated 6/20/2018, and a payment dated 6/11/2018, the allocation date will be 6/20/2018.

When a credit note is created directly from an invoice (using the More, New Credit Note option) the allocation date will use the most recent date. If the credit note has an earlier date, the date of the invoice will be used for the allocation.