Contact records

You can use contact records to keep track of your customer sales and vendor purchases. To view any contact record, click the contact on the Contacts list.

When viewing an individual contact record, you can:

  • Edit contact details.
  • View details of transactions for this contact.
  • Record payments you receive or make to individual customers and vendors using the quick create option.
  • Manage your customer and vendor statements.
  • Allocate standalone credit notes, or payments on account to outstanding invoices.
  • Edit the default payment terms for your contacts. You can also enter specific terms and conditions for each contact, as well as setting a credit limit. You can override any defaults when you create invoices and credit notes.
  • Export your customer and vendor details using the action toolbar.

The individual terms and conditions appear at the bottom of sales invoices that you create for each customer.

Activity tab

The Activity tab shows details of the transactions that you enter for the contact. You can:

  • Search for transactions by reference or value.
  • View transactions for a range of dates that you specify.
  • Use the Type list to view specific transaction types.
  • View or edit details of transactions and account allocations.
  • Manage your statements and allocations.

You can also use the action toolbar to print, email, or export the transaction list.

The action toolbar appears when you select one or more transactions.

  • 1. Select the check box next to the relevant transaction.

To quickly select all transactions, select the check box at the top left-hand corner of the grid.

  • 2. Specify whether to print, email, or save the file in PDF or CSV format.

Contacts and addresses tab

If required, you can edit the main address and contact details. You can also enter multiple addresses (for example, you may want to enter a delivery address and a head office address). If required, you can create more than one contact for each address. The contacts are linked to the address and if you delete the address, it also deletes the contacts attached to it.

Payment Details tab

On this tab, you can record your payment terms and the contact’s bank details. To do this, click the Edit button, enter the relevant information, and then click Save.


Account Details

This section shows details of the contact’s account, including their default category and credit terms. You can also flag 1099 vendors and add their tax ID for reporting.

To change any details, click the edit button, make any needed changes, and then click Save.

Statement Runs

This section appears only if the contact is a customer. It displays the following information:

Whether statements are sent to the customer
Whether to print or email statements
Contact and address

To change any details, click the edit button, make any needed changes, and then click Save. Any changes you make are applied to all future statement runs for the customer.


You can use this tab to enter any notes you want to add to this contact. To do this, click the Edit button, enter the notes, and then click Save.