Expenses list

The expenses list is a list of all invoices and credit notes you’ve entered from your vendors. You can see at a glance which vendors you’ve entered invoices or credit notes for, the total value, the amount outstanding, and the status of the invoice or credit note.

Record expenses (6:51)

To view the expenses list, click Expenses.

From the expenses list, you can:

  • Create a new invoice or credit note
  • View details of an existing vendor bill or credit note – To do this, just click the relevant item.
  • Change or void an existing vendor bill , credit note or quick entry. Note: You can’t void bills or credit notes if they’re marked as paid or part paid. If they’ve been paid or part paid, you need to unallocate the relevant transactions.
  • Record a payment or credit note against a particular invoice.
  • Search for specific items – You can search on the company name, the name of the contact or the reference. To do this, enter the information you want to search for in the Type to search box.
  • Filter the list by date – To do this, change the from and to dates.
  • Filter the list by payment status – To do this, click Filters and select a Status. You can choose from All, Unpaid, Paid, Part Paid, Void, or Draft.
  • Use the action toolbar to manage items, including copying an existing invoice or credit note.

If required, you can view just your invoices, credit notes or quick entries. To do this, click Expenses and then choose the relevant option.