Sales quick entries list

You can use the Quick Entries option to save time by quickly entering sales invoices and credit notes that you create either in a different system or by hand. You can do this for one or more customers at the same time.

You cannot print the details invoices or credit notes that have been entered as quick entries. If you need a printable version, use the Sales Invoices or Sales Credit Notes options instead. You must also use these options if you want to record the sale of a particular product or service that you’ve created a record for.

Once you’ve entered a quick entry invoice, you can record the customer payment against the invoice as a customer receipt. If you’ve entered a credit note, you can allocate or refund it.

The sales quick entries list displays all invoices and credit notes you’ve entered. You can view the list by selecting Quick Entries from Sales.

From the quick entries list, you can:

  • Enter a new quick entry.
  • View details of an existing quick entry – To do this, click the relevant item. This shows all transactions that were entered for this quick entry.
  • Edit an existing quick entry.
  • Search for specific items – You can search on the customer name or the quick entry reference. To do this, enter the information you want to search for in the Type to search box.
  • Filter the list by date – To do this, change the from and to dates.
  • Use the action toolbar to print, email, or export the quick entries list.

To add a quick entry

  • 1. From Sales, click Quick Entries.
  • 2. Click New Quick Entry.
  • 3. Enter the following information:
  • Indicates a required field.
Type * To add an invoice, choose Bill, or to add a credit note, choose Cr Note.
Date * Enter the transaction date.
Customer Choose the customer.
Reference * Enter a reference, for example, an invoice number from another system.
Ledger Account* Choose the ledger account you want to use for this transaction.
Details If necessary, you can enter additional information about the invoice or credit note.
Subtotal Enter the subtotal amount of the invoice or credit note.
Tax Rate Choose the required Tax rate.
Tax This calculates automatically based on the net amount and Tax rate.
Total The total value of the invoice or credit note calculates automatically.
  • 4. To add more transactions, on the next line, repeat as above and Save.

You’ve successfully recorded the quick entry which appears on the quick entries list and the customer’s activity.

To edit a quick entry

If you originally entered several transactions in the same quick entry window, when you edit one of the transactions, the other items in the batch are also visible, but unaffected.

  • 1. From Sales, click Quick Entries.
  • 2. Click the transaction and edit the information as required.
  • 3. Click Save.