Invoice form settings

To view your default invoice form settings, go to Settings and then click Invoice Form Settings.

Use this page to customize the transaction forms you send to your customers, such as invoices and credit notes.

You can change the following information:

Document Headings You can change the heading that appears at the top of each of your documents. Document headings can be up to 30 characters in length.
Prefixes and Numbering Enter the text that you want to appear before the relevant form type number, up to a length of six characters.
Enter the number from which you want your forms to start. For example, if you’ve just started using Accounting, you might want to start from the last number you used in your previous accounting system.
Contact Details & Addresses Select the details you want to appear at the top of all types of document. You can complete any missing contact details by clicking your company name in the upper right-hand corner and then Manage Business Account.
Line Items You can edit the following column titles on your documents:

  • Description.

  • Price or Rate.

  • Quantity or Hours.

  • Discount.

Footer Details To include additional information on the bottom of your documents, enter it in these columns. For example, if you want to include other business details or messages. Only the columns you enter details in to will display on your documents.
Terms and conditions Enter any default terms and conditions you want to appear on your forms. You can change these when you create an individual document.
Notes Enter any default notes you want to appear on customer forms, such as bank details for payment. You can change these when you create an individual document.
Statements Specify whether to include a red overdue indicator, the number of days overdue, or an ageing schedule on your PDF statements.

You can also add a company logo and any association logos (for example, if you have a trade membership or if you are accredited by another organization) and select a template layout for your forms. For more information, see Logo and document templates.