Your Subscriptions

To view your subscription

  • Click Add Service or alternatively, click Settings and then Your Subscriptions.

The cost of your current subscription appears. If you’re currently in your trial period, the date it expires is shown. After this date, you need to purchase the service. If you’re not in your trial period, the date of your next payment appears.

To change your services

  • 1. Click upgrade or purchase a service.
  • 2. To add a service, select the service, and click Add to cart.
  • 3. To remove a service, click Remove from cart.
  • 4. Click View Cart
  • 5. Sign in to your account to check out.

You’ve successfully changed your subscription settings and your next billing date reflects the updated price.

To redeem a promotional code

Click Redeem offer code.

  • 1. Enter the code.
  • 2. Click Apply code.

Details of the discount appears against your services.