View the Contact's Personal Data report

To see which contacts have personal data that is outside of retention dates, you can run the Contact’s Personal Data report. This report lists contacts that are outside of extended dates (in individual contact records) and those outside of the global retention period (as set in Financial settings). This report helps ensure that you are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

To generate the report

  • 1. Go to Reports, click More, and then click Contact’s Personal Data in the Data Reports section.
  • 2. The report displays a list of contacts whose personal data is outside of the retention period.
  • 3. To delete personal data for contacts, select the checkbox to the left of the contact name for all applicable contacts.
  • 4. Click Delete (from the toolbar at the top of the list) to open the Remove Personal Data window.
  • 5. Enter the word shown in the Enter Confirmation Word field.
  • 6. Click Remove Data. If any of the contacts have:
  • An outstanding balance. You must settle the balance and close all transactions before you can delete the contact’s personal data. If a contact has open transactions, the retention period will remain active.
  • Outstanding quotes or estimates. You will no longer be able to access or action the quotes or estimates after the contact’s personal data is deleted. If necessary, action or save the documents before deleting the data. If you do not need the documents, enter the confirmation word and then click Remove Data to delete the data.
  • No outstanding documents. The personal data will be deleted immediately when you click Remove Data.

You can also select contacts from the list and then print, email, or save the report as a PDF.