Create a sales invoice

To help you keep track of what your customers purchase from you, how much they owe you and when payment is due, you can create a sales invoice to send to them. When they pay you, you can then record the payment against the invoice.

Before you can create an invoice, if you have not already done so, you need to create contact records for your customers. You can also customize the appearance of your invoices, add your company logo, and include your terms and conditions.

Emailing sales invoices

Accounting Start sales invoices are hosted on the web, which means that your customers receive a hyperlink to their invoice if you email it to them. After clicking the hyperlink, they can review the invoice, make a payment, save it as a PDF, or print it. Optionally, you can select Include PDF attachment if you want to include a PDF of the sales invoice with the email.

  • 1. Go to Sales Invoices, and then click click New Invoice.
  • 2. Enter the following information:
Customer Enter the customer’s name. As you start to type, a list of customers appears and you can click the required customer.

Alternatively, to add a new customer, click the arrow, click Add a customer, enter the relevant information, and then click Save.
Invoice Date Enter the date of the invoice.
Reference If required, enter a reference (for example, a customer order number).
Invoice Address If there is an address in the customer’s record, this appears automatically.

If there is no address in their record, click Add a main address, enter the address, and then click Update. This does not update the address in the customer’s record.
  • 3. To add an item to your invoice, enter the following information:
Description Enter a description for the item you are selling.
Category If you want to change the default category, click the arrow, and then click the category you want to use.
Total Verify or enter the total amount for the item.
  • 4. If required, enter any notes and terms and conditions.
  • 5. Click Save Invoice, Save as Draft, or Save and Add New.
  • 6. To print, email, or download it, click it to open the Sales Invoice page and then click the option you want on the right.