Record a payment against a sales invoice

When your customer pays their invoice, you need to record this. This marks the invoice as paid and helps you keep track of any outstanding values. You can record the payment from within the relevant invoice.

  • 1. Go to Sales Invoices.
  • 2. Select the invoice you want to record the payment against. If you cannot find the invoice, verify that the date range includes the date of the invoice, and click the All tab or the Outstanding tab.
  • 3. Click Record Payment, and then enter the following information:
Amount Received Enter the amount the customer has paid.
Discount Given If you gave your customer a discount, enter the value here.
Outstanding Balance This value is calculated based on how much they paid and any discount.
Paid into Bank Account Click the bank account you want to pay the money into.
Method * Specify the payment method.
Date Received Enter the date of the payment.
Reference (optional) Enter a reference or the cheque number for the payment.
  • 4. Click Save.

You have successfully recorded the payment and the invoice status shows as Paid or Part Paid.