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Attachments are a great way to keep track of any documents you have for a purchase or journal. You can attach files when you create a purchase invoice, credit note, customer receipt, supplier payment or journal. For example, you can add a copy of a purchase order you may have from a supplier or a copy of a receipt.

You can add the following types of file:

  • PDF
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • PNG

The maximum file size is 2.5MB. You can add more than one file to each transaction.

Add an attachment

  • 2. Click the Attachment button (bottom of the form, left of the Save button).
  • 3. Click Upload files then browse to the location of your saved file and then click Open.

You can also drag and drop attachments into the transaction.

  • 4. To add another attachment, click Upload files again and repeat step 3.
  • 5. To remove an attachment, click the delete button, then click Delete.
  • 6. Save your transaction as normal.

View an attachment

  • 1. Browse to the relevant purchase invoice, credit note or journal and click it.
  • 2. Click the attachment button.
  • 3. You can add and remove attachments or to view the attachment, click the file name.

From here you can zoom in and out, rotate the file and also download it.

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