Create a service item

If you regularly sell the same services, to save time when entering your invoices or credit notes, you can create service item records. If required, you can import service records into Accounting from a CSV file.

You can also create product records for any stock and non-stock items you buy or sell.

  • 1. Go to Products & Services, then click New Item.
  • 2. Select Service as Type, then complete the following information:
Item Code Enter a code for the service.
Item Description Enter a description for the service as you want it to appear on invoices.
Category If applicable, choose the relevant category.
  • 3. Under I Sell This Item, complete the following information:
Rate (€) Enter the amount for each active rate. You can then choose which rate to use when you create the invoice.

Note: You can view and edit service rates in Settings > Invoice and Business Preferences > Record and Transactions Settings.
Includes VAT? If the rate includes VAT, select this check box. When you create an invoice, the net and VAT values calculate from the service VAT rate and charge rate.
Sales Account Choose the default sales nominal ledger account you want to use for the service.
VAT Rate Choose the default VAT rate for the service.
  • 4. Under I Buy This Item, complete the following information:
Usual Supplier If available, select the supplier of this service item.
Purchase Description Enter a description from purchase forms, up to 250 characters in length.
Cost Price Enter the normal cost price of this service item.

Note: This value must be greater than or equal to 0.00.
VAT Rate If applicable and available, select the default VAT rate for this item.

If required, when you create an invoice, you can overwrite the VAT rate.
Purchase Account Choose the default purchase nominal ledger account for this item.
  • 5. Under Additional Information, if you use analysis types, choose the relevant groups.

If you haven’t set up analysis types in Settings > Analysis Types, this option won’t appear.

  • 6. In the Notes box, enter any notes you want to record about the service. This is for reference purposes only.
  • 7. Click Save.

Your new service item is now ready to use.