Google Drive integration

Google Drive is a service provided by Google that lets you store your files online. If you’ve a Google account, you can integrate this with Accounting so that when you create or amend a sales invoice, credit note or quote, it automatically saves a copy in Google Drive.

To integrate with Google Drive you must have a Google account. If you haven’t, you need to create one.

How does Google Drive integrate?

The first time you create a sales invoice, credit note or quote after enabling the integration, a folder is created in Google Drive called Sage Invoices. This is where copies of your invoices, credit notes and quotes are stored, including draft copies.

The copy created in Google Drive, uses the invoice or credit number from Sage, for example, SI-2 or SCN-3.

If you amend an existing invoice or credit note, a new copy is created in the Sage Invoices folder in Google Drive and the old one is sent to the Bin folder. If you move the invoice or credit note to a different folder, a new copy is created in the Sage Invoices folder and the original copy you moved is unaffected.

Changes include:

  • Amending any details on an existing sales invoice or credit note.
  • Crediting a sales credit note – This creates both a copy of the credit note and a new copy of the invoice.
  • Recording a payment against the sales invoice. Although there’s no visible change to the sales invoice, because the outstanding amount is updated in Sage, a new invoice is created in Google Drive.
  • If you void an invoice or credit note in Sage, the corresponding copy in Google Drive is sent to the Bin folder.

If you convert a quote to an invoice, the original quote stays in the Sage Invoices folder and a copy of the invoice is created.

To access Google Drive

You can access Google Drive in one of the following ways:

For more information about how to download Google Drive, please visit

To enable Google Drive integration

  • 1. Go to the Settings tab and click Google Drive then click Enable.
  • 2. If you’re already logged into your Google account and Accept.

If you’re not already logged in, enter your email address and password then click Sign in and click Accept.

You’ve successfully enabled integration with Google Drive.

To disable Google Drive integration

  • Go to Settings and in the Connect section click Google Drive. Click Disable.

You’ve successfully disabled the integration and your sales invoices, credit notes and quotes are no longer copied to Google Drive. If necessary you can enable integration again at any time by simply clicking Enable:

  • If you’re still logged in to the same Google account you originally used when you first set up the integration, you don’t need to do anything else.
  • If you’re signed out of Google, sign in and accept access.
  • If you’re currently signed into a different Google account, you’re prompted to accept access. If you don’t want to use this account, sign out and then sign in with the account details you want to use.

To revoke Sage access to Google Drive

You can only integrate one Sage company with your Google Drive account at any time. If you want to change which Sage company integrates with Google Drive, before you can enable integration with another company, you must first revoke the original company’s access to Google Drive.

  • 1. Visit > if you’re not already signed in, enter your email address and password then Sign in.
  • 2. Go to Security then click Account permissions then click Apps and websites and click View all.
  • 3. Select Sage then click Revoke Access then click OK.

There’s no confirmation, access is revoked immediately.

You’ve successfully removed Sage access to Google Drive and, if required, you can now enable access for a different company. To do this, please see To enable Google Drive integration.

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