Navigation and Data Grids

If you want to you can personalise how some of the options in Accounting appear. For example, you can set how many rows of data you’d like to see in tables across Accounting. To access these options:

  • Go to the Settings tab. Under Customise Accounting, click Navigation and Data Grids.

You can change any of the following settings, then once you’ve made your changes, click Save.


You can select whether you want to use the standard or advanced navigation. If you’re used to accounting terms, you may want to use the advanced option. This changes the names of the menus and also where some of the options appear.

The help files are written based on the standard navigation options.

Timezone preferences

You can specify a local timezone so that when you run your reports, the date and time appears correctly depending on where you are in the world.


By default, ten item lines appear on your tables, you can increase this if you prefer to see more.

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