Add, edit or delete contact records

If you deal with the same customers or suppliers on a regular basis, you can create contact records for them. This saves you time when entering your sales and purchases and helps you keep track of who owes you money and who you owe money to.

You can also import your contacts from a CSV file.

If your business is VAT registered, two contact records are automatically created for paying or reclaiming VAT. You can’t delete these records.

To add a contact

  • 1. Contacts > Create Contact.
    You can also create customers from Contacts > Customer > Create Customer. Similarly, you can also create suppliers from Contacts > Suppliers > Create Supplier.
  • 2. Complete the following information:
Contact Type * Choose whether the contact is a customer or supplier.

Note: This option only appears when you create the record from Contacts > Create Contact.
Contact Details Enter the required details for the contact. The Name and Company boxes are compulsory.
Address Enter the address for the contact.
Delivery Address If the delivery address is different to the above address, enter it here.
Notes Enter any notes for the customer.
  • 3. Click Save.

This record is now available to use when entering transactions.

To view or edit a contact record

  • 1. Contacts > click the relevant contact.
    To quickly find a contact, in the Type either the name of the company or the name of the contact at the company.
  • 2. To edit the contact’s details – Manage Customer or Manage Supplier > Edit > amend the details as required > Save.

To delete a contact record

You can’t delete either of the two contacts created for paying or reclaiming VAT. You also can’t delete a contact record once you’ve used it to process transactions. Instead, to prevent any confusion, we suggest amending the contact name to Do not use.

If a contact record has no transactions associated with it, click Contacts > click the delete button next to the relevant record > Yes.

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