Create a VAT return

You can produce a VAT Return and record a payment or refund of the VAT due or reclaimed from Revenue.

You can’t currently submit your return to Revenue through Sage One Accounts Standard. If you want to submit your VAT Return through the Revenue Online Service (ROS), please visit

To create a VAT Return

  • 1. Click more > VAT Returns > Create Report for Revenue > Next.
  • 2. Check or amend the dates for your VAT return > Next.

The values for the VAT Return appear, if necessary you can adjust the values in T1, T2, E1 and E2. To do this, next to the relevant box, click Adjust > enter the amount you want to change the value by > enter a reason for the change > Save.

  • 3. To produce a copy of the detailed VAT report, click one of the following options:
  • Printable PDF – Depending on your Internet browser, the report appears in a new tab or new window. Open your browser File menu > choose to print or save the report.
  • Export to CSV file – This produces a CSV file which you can open in Microsoft Excel. Depending on your Internet browser, the file either downloads automatically to your Downloads folder or you may be prompted to save the file to your PC.
  • 4. Next > Save.

You’ve now created a VAT Return and an invoice is created in either Expenses or Sales depending on whether you need to pay or reclaim VAT from Revenue.

To view a VAT Return

You can view historical VAT Returns and check the payment status from the VAT Submissions list.

  • 1. Click more > VAT Returns.
  • 2. Click the VAT return that you want view the details for.
  • 3. If required, you can produce a PDF copy of the detailed VAT report or save it as a CSV file.