Online submissions to Revenue

To make your payroll submissions online to Revenue, if you haven’t already done so you must register with Revenue Online Service (ROS). Registering with ROS may take a few weeks, so allow plenty of time for this.

How do I register with ROS?

To register now, visit the ROS website and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need any help with this, please contact the ROS technical help desk:

  • By phone – 1890 201 106. If you’re calling from outside Ireland, +353 1 702 3021.
  • By email –

What payroll information can I submit to ROS?

If you’re a registered ROS customer, you can generate the following payroll submission files in Payroll and upload them to the ROS website:

  • P30 returns – This is your company’s monthly or quarterly remittance to Revenue. It includes all tax, universal social charge (USC), social insurance (PRSI) and local property tax (LPT) deducted from your employees’ pay. Your company’s PRSI contributions are also included in these returns.
  • P35 return – This is your company’s end of year declaration to Revenue. It details the total tax, USC, PRSI and LPT for each employee and the annual liabilities for the company as a whole.
  • New starter information – When a new employee joins the company, or a previous employee rejoins the company, you must submit either a P46 or P46 (Part 3) new starter form to Revenue.
  • Leaver P45 information – When an employee leaves your company, you must submit their P45 information to Revenue.
  • Employee list – If the Revenue request a list of employees that work in your company, you can generate an employee list file in Sage Business Cloud Payroll. You can then submit this XML data file to Revenue via their website.

During the tax year, Revenue may issue you with new or amended employee P2C allowances. To save you time, you can download a P2C file which contains your employee tax allowances from the ROS website and import it directly in to Payroll.