To produce a P30 file for upload to the Revenue

Your P30 returns are a monthly or quarterly remittance to Revenue. They include all tax, universal social charge (USC), pay related social insurance (PRSI) and local property tax (LPT) deducted from your employees’ pay. Your company’s PRSI contributions are also included.

If you use Revenue Online Service, you can generate a monthly or quarterly P30 file and submit it to Revenue via their website.

To confirm your P30 reporting details

  • 1. Settings tab > Payroll Settings > complete the following information:
Employer Registration Number Enter your company’s tax registration number.
Revenue Reporting Frequency Select either Monthly or Quarterly.
Revenue Payment Method Select either Cheque or Bank Transfer.
  • 2. Click Save.

It’s not possible to change your P30 reporting frequency once you start to process pay for the current tax year. You should wait until the new tax year before changing it. If you can’t wait until the new year, to change your P30 reporting frequency, you must reset your data. Please note, this process clears all information in Payroll. So you’ll need to set up your payrolls again and reprocess them up to date.

To produce a P30 file for upload to the Revenue

  • 1. Complete the final pay run in the tax reporting period.

The Completed Pay Run summary appears.

  • 2. P30 Employer Payment Record > click Download P30 file.

Depending on your Internet browser, the file automatically downloads to your Downloads folder or you’re prompted to save the file. Browse to where you want to save the file.

  • 3. If prompted to save the file > make a note of the file name, for example, RosP30Period1.xml > browse to where you want to save it, for example, the Windows desktop > Save.

The P30 file saves in XML format, so you can’t open it using a PDF viewer. To open the file and view it’s contents, you should use your Internet browser or notepad. Don’t edit or re-save the file as this can cause it to become corrupt.

You’re now ready to submit the P30 file to Revenue via the ROS website.

For more information about how to do this, please contact the ROS technical help desk directly:

  • By phone – 1890 201 106, if you’re calling from outside Ireland, dial +353 1 702 3021.
  • By email –

Once you’ve successfully uploaded the P30 file to ROS, you’ll receive a confirmation email in your ROS inbox with the P30 payment reference number stated on it. If you ever need to query this payment with Revenue, you can simply provide them with this number.

To record a P30 payment

  • 1. Pay Runs tab > click the last pay run you processed in the tax reporting period you want to view.
  • 2. P30 Employer Payment Record > Record Payment > complete the following information:
Payment date The date of your payment to the Revenue.
Ref/Cheque number The reference number or cheque number associated with the payment, if applicable.
  • 3. Click Save.

To check your P30 totals for a reporting period

If you need a more detailed breakdown of your P30 liability, you can use the detailed report.

  • 1. Pay Runs tab > click a pay run that falls within the relevant P30 reporting period.
  • 2. Click the open the detailed report link.

Depending on your Internet browser, the report opens in a new window or tab. You can choose to print or save it from your browser file menu.

Within section 5 of the detailed report, you can find the following Revenue totals:

  • PAYE.
  • USC.
  • LPT.
  • Employee PRSI.
  • Employer PRSI.
  • 3. Repeat the previous steps for all pay runs that fall within the P30 reporting period. Then manually add up the Revenue totals on each of the reports to get your P30 liability for that reporting period.

Negative P30 balances

If your overall liability to ROS in a period is negative or the total includes a rebate amount then the upload will not be successful.

To resolve this issue you must.

  • 1. Contact ROS directly to check the balance is correct.
  • 2. Confirm with ROS that they are fine for you to amend the P30 this period.
  • 3. Edit the file in Excel and adjust the balances as per the guidance from ROS and save the document.
  • 4. Attempt re-submission of the P30 file.