Completed Pay Runs

The Completed Pay Run window opens whenever you complete a pay run.

To open a completed pay run > select the Pay Runs tab > select the relevant pay run from the list.

Once the Completed Pay Run window appears, you can carry out the following tasks:

View the detailed report

To generate the detailed report for this pay run > click the Open the detailed report link.

Depending on your Internet browser, the report opens in a new window or tab. You can choose to print or save it from your browser file menu.

The detailed report contains the following information:

  • Your employee’s payslip values.
  • A summary of all payment and deduction values that occur within this pay run.
  • A breakdown of payroll-related employer costs.
  • A breakdown of the amounts due to the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Your employee’s pay broke down per pay method.

Produce P30 submissions for upload to Revenue

P30 returns are a monthly or quarterly remittance to the Revenue. They include all tax, universal social charge (USC), pay related social insurance (PRSI) and local property tax (LPT) deducted from your employee’s pay. Your company’s PRSI contributions are also included.

If you’re a registered Revenue Online Service (ROS) customer, you can submit monthly and quarterly P30 files online via the ROS website.

Pay your employees electronically

To save you time when paying your employees, you can create a bank transfer file that can be uploaded to your bank using their online banking software.

Edit a completed pay run

If you need to correct errors in pay values or pay details, you can edit a completed pay run. After you finish editing the pay details, the P30 for the relevant month or quarter automatically updates.

Any changes you make may affect subsequent pay periods. If necessary, an extra payment or deduction applies to the employee’s pay in the current pay run to adjust their net pay amount.