Dealing with leavers

When an employee leaves your company, you must mark them as a leaver and provide them with an up-to-date P45. If you use Revenue Online Service (ROS), you can generate a P45 (part 1) file and upload it to Revenue via their website. You can then print the employee’s official P45 from the Revenue website.

To mark an employee as a leaver in Payroll, you need to enter their last working day in their details before you complete their final pay run.

If you pay your employees in arrears, to ensure they appear on your pay run for the final payment, you must enter the leave date after you process their payment. For example, if the employee is weekly paid and leaves on 21 November, but you need to pay them on 28 November. You need to complete the pay run as normal on 28 November, then enter the leave date.

Please ensure that Starting basis in the employee record is set to This is an existing employee before making an employee a leaver

To mark an employee as a leaver

  • 1. Go to Employees, then click the Delete button next to the relevant employee. This does not remove the employee but marks them as a leaver.
  • 2. In the Last working day box, enter the last date on which the employee actually worked for the business.

You may have a scenario where the last working day occurs in a previous pay run. You still record it in the last pay run in which you’re paying the employee.

  • 3. Click Save.

You’ve now marked the employee as a leaver. When you’re ready to do so, you can now process the employee’s final pay details and generate their P45 information.

To generate a P45 (part 1) file for upload to the ROS website

  • 1. Go to Employees, select the Include Employees who have left check box.
  • 2. Click the relevant employee.
  • 3. Click Submit P45 to ROS.
  • 4. Check the employee’s date of birth, start date in your employment and PPS number is correct, then click Next.
  • 5. Check the employee’s address is correct, then click Next.
  • 6. Check your company’s name and tax registration number is correct.
  • 7. Click Submit.
  • 8. Click the Download P45 (part 1) file link.

Depending on your Internet browser, the file automatically downloads to your Downloads folder or you’re prompted to save the file. Browse to where you want to save the file.

You’ve successfully produced the P45 (part 1) file, which you can now upload to the ROS website –

If you have any queries about the ROS website, please contact the ROS helpdesk directly:

The P45 (part 1) file is encrypted, so only the Revenue can read it. Don’t attempt to open the file as it can cause it to become corrupt.

Once you’ve uploaded the P45 (part 1) file to the ROS website, open your ROS Inbox.

From here, you can print the employee’s P45 on official Revenue stationery.

If an employee is marked as a leaver in error

If you’ve marked an employee as a leaver in error, you can simply reactivate their existing employee record. Once reinstated, you can begin to pay them again.

If the employee has a status of Ceased employment, this means you’ve already downloaded their P45 (part 1) file and submitted it to Revenue. You must contact the ROS helpdesk immediately and explain the situation.

Once notified, they will update their records and ignore the incorrect P45 submission you made. You can’t reinstate the employee’s record, instead you must set up a new employee record and enter their year to date information.

To reactivate the employee’s record, complete the following steps:

  • 1. Employees tab > select the Include Employees who have left check box.
  • 2. Double-click the employee you want to reactivate on your payroll > Edit.
  • 3. Employment Details > Finish date > remove the date > Save.