Importing a P2C file

The P2C is the employer’s copy of an employee’s PAYE tax credit certificate. At the start of each tax year, Revenue notifies you of your employees’ tax allowances on a P2C tax credit certificate.

Revenue Payroll Notifications (RPNs) will replace the current P2C certificates in the 2019 tax year.

To save time, you can download a P2C file from the Revenue Online Service (ROS) website and import it directly into Payroll.

If you take on a new employee, or need to deduct local property tax (LPT), you also need to import a P2C.

What information is in a P2C file?

The P2C import file contains the following information for each employee:

  • Tax credit details.
  • Standard rate cut-off points.
  • Universal social charge (USC) rates and thresholds.
  • Local property tax (LPT) information.

Things to consider before importing a P2C file in to Payroll

The P2C file saves in CSV format. To open the file and view it’s contents, you can use Microsoft Excel or Notepad.

Don’t edit or re-save the file as this can cause it to become corrupt. Also, you can’t import the P2C file in to Payroll if it’s already open in another software, for example, Microsoft Excel.

You can only import P2C information for employees that are actively working with your company, and have a PPS number entered in their employee record.

To import a P2C file in to Payroll

  • 1. Visit and log in with your ROS credentials.
  • 3. Within Payroll, go to Employees then click Import Employee Tax Allowances.
  • 4. Browse to and select the P2C file, then click Open.
  • 5. Click Next.
  • 6. Check the business summary information is correct, then click Next.
  • 7. Check that all your active employees with your company appear.

If any warnings appear in red, you must correct these before continuing.

  • 8. Click Submit.

You’ve successfully updated your employees’ tax allowances and if applicable, LPT information. The next time you pay your employees the new allowances are used.

P2C file import warnings

When you’re importing a P2C file into Payroll, any discrepancies found in the data are flagged as warnings. You must correct these before proceeding with the import process.

Warning – ‘Not active in Payroll’

This warning appears beside an employee if:

  • You haven’t created the employee’s record yet.
  • You haven’t entered the employee’s PPS number in their employee record.

To correct this, you must set up the employee’s record, if you haven’t done so already and enter their PPS number. Then import the P2C file again.

Warning – ‘Tax cert (XXXX) cannot be imported’

This warning appears beside an employee if:

  • You downloaded the wrong tax year’s P2C file from the ROS website.
  • You tried to load a previous tax year’s P2C file into Payroll. This can occur if you have previous tax year P2C files still on your computer and you selected the wrong one to import.

To correct this, you must log into the ROS website and download the latest P2C file. Save the file to your computer’s desktop. Then import it into Payroll.

  • You haven’t set up a pay calendar for the same frequency as the employees you are importing. For example, the employee record is set to weekly, but you haven’t set up a weekly pay calendar.

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