Manage your contacts

You can use contact records to keep track of your customer sales and supplier purchases. You can view any contact record by going to Contacts and then clicking the required contact.

When you click an individual contact record, you can then:

  • Amend the contact details. To do this, enter the relevant details then click Save.
  • View details of the transactions that you enter for this contact.
  • Record money you receive or pay to individual customers and suppliers using the quick create option.

Activity tab

The Activity tab shows the transactions you enter for each contact. You can:

  • Search for transactions by reference or value.
  • View transactions between specific dates amend the From and To dates.
  • View the original transaction by clicking it on the list.

Contacts and addresses

If required, you can amend the main address and contact details. To amend addresses and contacts:

  • Click the Contacts and addresses tab then click the Edit button , make the relevant changes then click Save.


This tab shows details of the contact’s account including their VAT number and default category and credit terms. To change any of the details:

  • Click the Edit button , make any necessary changes then click Save.


You can use this tab to enter any notes you want to add to this contact. To do this:

  • Click the Edit button , enter the notes then click Save.