Create a sales credit note

If you provide a customer with a credit note, for example because they returned faulty goods, you can easily record this from within the original sales invoice. You can record a credit note against any invoice with an outstanding balance. You can’t create a standalone credit note.

  • 1. Go to Sales Invoices then click the required invoice.

If you can’t find the invoice, check the date range includes the date of the invoice and click the All or Outstanding tabs.

  • 2. On the More menu, click Create Credit Note.
  • 3. Enter the date you want to use for the credit note and if required a reference.
  • 4. If you need to, amend the address.
  • 5. If you need to credit part of the invoice, amend the amount so it shows the value you’re crediting.
  • 6. If there are mutliple items on the invoice, to remove any you don’t want to credit, click delete next to the relevant item.
  • 7. Click one of the following options:
  • Save – Saves and closes the credit note.
  • Save & Email – Amend the text as required then click Send.
  • Save & Print – Depending on your browser, the invoice opens in a new window or tab and you can print it from your browser menu.