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Pegg is our customer service chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to instantly answer your questions about Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

To ask Pegg a question, simply click Pegg on the main Accounting index and then just type in your question and Pegg will help.

If you ask a simple question, Pegg will give you an instant answer. If your query is more complex, it suggests a support article with all of the required information. Pegg works best if you enter complete questions, such as ‘what VAT scheme am I on’ rather than ‘VAT scheme’.

As Pegg uses artificial intelligence, it will continue to learn and evolve, answering more questions in a way that helps you.

Pegg isn’t just a service chatbot though. It can also help you manage your financial transactions on the go. You can also use Pegg with Facebook and Skype to easily check your cash flow and record expenses. Pegg then automatically accounts for the expenses you tell it about in Accounting. It’s as easy as texting.

The more you use it, the more it gets to know your business, and can even give you recommendations tailored to you. Take a look now and see how easy it is to use.

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