Bank feeds and Internet browsers

To avoid problems with bank feeds and connecting to your online banking service, you should check that your PC, laptop or iPad settings allow cookies from other websites, including Sage One.

The following common problems can occur, these are normally caused by your Internet browser blocking cookies for Sage One:

  • When connecting to your online bank account, the drop-down list doesn’t appear when you type in the name of your bank.
  • Error – We are having technical difficulties, please try again.
  • Error 402, when searching for bank accounts.
  • Error 414, when connecting to bank accounts.

To resolve the issue, you should follow the steps below for the relevant browser:


  • 1. Safari > Preferences > Privacy.
  • 2. Cookies and website data > Always Allow.
  • 3. Close > retry connecting to your bank account in Sage One.

Google Chrome

  • 1. Chrome menu > Settings > Show advanced settings.
  • 2. Privacy > Contact settings…
  • 3. Clear Block third-party cookies and site data > Done.
  • 4. Retry connecting to your bank account in Sage One.

Mozilla Firefox

  • 1. Firefox menu > Options > Privacy.
  • 2. Firefox will: drop-down list > choose Use custom settings for history.
  • 3. Accept third-party cookies drop-down list > choose Always.
  • 4. Retry connecting to your bank account in Sage One.

For more information on how to allow cookies, please visit the relevant website depending on your Internet browser: Safari, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer. If you use any other Internet browser, please refer to your browser help system.

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