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To set up a bank transfer

There may be times when you need to transfer funds between your bank accounts, for example, transferring money from your current account to your petty cash account. To post a transfer:

  • 1. Go to Banking, point to New then click Bank Transfer.
  • 2. Complete the following information:
Paid from Bank Account * Choose the bank account you want to transfer funds from.
Paid into Bank Account * Choose the bank account you want to transfer the funds to.
Method Choose the payment method used (optional).
Amount Transferred * Enter the amount you want to transfer between accounts.
Date Transferred * Enter the date you want to use for the bank transfer.
Reference (optional) If required, enter a reference for the transfer.
Description If required, enter a description for the transfer.

* These details are compulsory.

  • 3. Click Save.

To record money into your bank account from your cash account, you must record a bank deposit.

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