The contacts list

You can view the Contacts list from the Contacts tab. Alternatively, you can view customers only from Contacts > Customers, or suppliers only from Contacts > Suppliers.

When you enter your VAT registration details, two HMRC contacts are automatically created for the purpose of paying or reclaiming VAT.

From the Contacts, you can:

  • Create new contact records for customers and suppliers.
  • View existing customer and supplier details – To do this, just click the relevant contact.
  • Produce activity, address list and statement summary reports for customers and suppliers.
  • Edit existing contact records.
  • View, print and email customer statements.
  • View supplier statements.
  • Manage account allocations, for example, allocate outstanding payments on account to invoices.
  • Search for a particular contact – To do this, simply enter the information you want to find in the Type the contact name to search box.
  • Use the action toolbar to export, copy and delete your contacts from the list.
  • Import your contacts.

Configure columns

If required, you can configure the columns that appear on the list to hide columns or include extra columns.

  • Click the configure columns button > to include a column, select the check box next to the relevant option, alternatively, to hide a column, clear the check box > Save.

To return to the default columns, simply click the configure columns button > Reset.

You can also sort the order in which your contacts appear. To do this, simply click the column you want to sort the list by, for example, you may want to sort it by company name, or by reference.

The action toolbar

You can use the action toolbar to export, copy and delete your contacts from the list.

The action toolbar appears when you select one or more contacts.

  • 1. Select the check box next to the required contact.

To select all of your contacts, select the check box at the top left-hand corner of the grid.

  • 2. Click the option that you want to use:
Print The contact list opens in a new window or tab. Open your browser File menu > choose to print or save the page.
Email Enter the email address > enter any information you want to appear in the body of the email > Save. The email sends the selected contact list to the address you specify.
CSV Depending on your Internet browser, the CSV file either downloads automatically to your Downloads folder or you may receive a prompt asking you to save the file to your PC > browse to where you want to save the file > Save.
PDF This option opens the contact list as a PDF in a new window or tab. Open your browser File menu then choose to print or save the page.
Delete Use this option to delete the selected contact.

Note: Once you’ve posted transactions against a contact, you can’t delete the record.

The Statement Run feature within Contacts > Customers

Within Contacts > Customers, you can use the Statement Run feature to generate a batch of customer statements in one go. All statements produced through this feature are in outstanding item style, regardless of the statement method you selected in the Settings tab.

By default, the method used to send these batch statements is set to By post (PDF Generated) for all customers. You can change this setting for each of your customers, on the Options tab of their record. You can also edit the contact and address that appears on their statements.

  • 1. Go to Contacts then click Customers.
  • 2. Click Statement Run.
  • 3. In the Outstanding amount over box, enter the value that the customer’s account must be outstanding by for a statement to produce.
  • 4. In the Produce statement as of box, enter the date you want to run the statements for.

Any invoices paid after this date will be included on the customer statements.

  • 5. Click Next then complete one of the following options:
  • If there are customers that meet the criteria you entered – Click Generate.
  • If there isn’t any customers that meet the criteria you entered – Either click Back and complete steps 3 to 5 again, or close the window.

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