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Logo & Document Template

It’s easy to add a company logo to invoices. You can also add association logos, for example, if you have a trade membership or you’re accredited by another organisation.

We recommend you use an image size of 280 × 200 pixels or less for your logo. Your image should be stored as a JPG, GIF or PNG file and have a file size of no larger than 1MB.

You can change the way an invoice looks by selecting a different template. You can also edit the colours and fonts. To do this, go to Settings then click Logo & Document Template.

You can change the following information on your documents, then once you’re happy with the changes, click Save.

Choose template Select the layouts you want to use in the Product based and Service based sections.

Alternatively, click Can’t find your template? and choose an older template.
Company logo To add a company logo, click Add a logo. Browse to your image, then click Open.
Association logos To add secondary logo, click Add a logo. Browse to your image then click Open. Repeat this step for any other association logos you want to add.
Theme colour Select the colour scheme you want to use on your documents.
Font Select the font type and size for your documents.

If you make any changes to the Logo & Document Template settings, they appear on the next invoice you create. To preview your changes, create a dummy invoice. When you do this, select the Save as check box and then click Draft Invoice. Don’t forget to delete the invoice so that it no longer appears on the Sales Invoices list.

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