Check the status of an iXBRL file submission

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IXBRL is a way of describing financial transactions and statements in a way that makes them easier to compare. Elements of transactions and statements are tagged and computers can then recognise these tags, collate the data, analyse it and exchange it with other computers.

Once you’ve submitted final accounts in iXBRL format to Companies House, you will want to check the status of that submission.

Since you can only submit to Companies House online using Sage Final Accounts, those submissions are the only ones you can check using Sage Final Accounts. You won’t be able to use Sage Final Accounts to check the status of your online submissions to HMRC in the UK or to Revenue in ROI.

  • On the Client Summary page, in the Final Accounts section, you’ll see the latest iXBRL files you’ve generated for your client along with the status. If the file you’ve submitted isn’t in this section, click View all.
Generating The iXBRL file is actually being generated by the system.
Ready to file online The file is ready to be filed online.
Sending Sage Final Accounts is attempting to send the file to the filing authority, but hasn’t successfully done so yet.
Submitted The file has been successfully sent to the filing authority, but not yet formally accepted. Once a file has been successfully submitted, you can’t submit a replacement.
Parked The file has been successfully sent to the filing authority, but they are carrying out further enquiries.
Accepted The file has been formally accepted by the filing authority.
Ready to download The file is successfully generated but cannot be filed online.
Failed The filing authority rejected the file before it was successfully submitted through the gateway. Transmission error.
Rejected The filing authority had received the file, but rejected it after review. Click the file from the Final Accounts section and read the reason for the rejection from Companies House.