Prepare amended accounts for Companies House

You can now print a full set of amended accounts in Sage Final Accounts to the following criteria as stated by Companies House.

Corrections and amendments

’You must send amended accounts to Companies House on paper.

Amended or corrected accounts must be for the same period as the original accounts.

You must clearly say in your new accounts that they:

  • replace the original accounts
  • are now the statutory accounts
  • are prepared as they were at the date of the original accounts
  • Write “amended” on the front so that Companies House know your accounts are not duplicates.

Your original accounts will remain on file at Companies House.

If you only want to amend one part of your accounts, you need to send a note saying what’s been changed. The note must be signed by a director and filed with a copy of the original accounts.’

To amend a set of Accounts

To produce a set of amended accounts according to Companies House criteria:

  • 1. From the Data menu select Cover.
  • 2. Tick the checkbox for ‘Report is an amended/revised version of a previously filed report’. This will insert the word ‘Amended’ to the cover page and include an amended financial statements note.

To edit the amended financial statements note

  • 1. From the Accounts Preview menu scroll down to review the amended financial statements note. You can add your own text, by following the steps below.
  • 2. Select Edit.
  • 3. Enter text as required.
  • 4. Select Save.

Once you’re happy with the amended accounts you can create a PDF to save or print.

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