Purpose of the three sets of accounts

Under Accounts Preview there are three different reports to choose from:

  • Members Set of Accounts
  • Revenue Set of Accounts
  • CRO Set of Accounts

These three sets of accounts fulfil different purposes:

The members Set of Accounts are intended to be distributed to members and include all relevant disclosures.

The Revenue Set of Accounts are intended to be filed with Revenue and are identical to the Members Set of Accounts but with the addition of a Detailed Profit and Loss Account required by Revenue. An iXBRL version of this set of accounts can be generated for filing by following these steps:

  • 1. Select Generate Set of Accounts > iXBRL for online filing.
  • 2. Select Generate.
  • 3. Click on the iXBRL Accounts.
  • 4. Once the iXBRL Accounts are ‘Ready to download’, select Actions > Download File.

The CRO Set of Accounts are intended to be filed with Companies Registration Office (CRO). In the CRO Set of Accounts we suppress the following non-mandatory sections:

  • Contents
  • Directors and Other Information
  • Directors Report (not mandatory for a micro company)
  • Accountants Report

The CRO Set of Accounts can also be Abridged.