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You will see the Updates message when changes have been made to a client’s details from the client summary screen, or if you’ve created a new set of accounts based on a previous set and we’ve since updated the compliance pack.

If you’ve marked the set of accounts as Finished, you won’t see any messages about updates.

When you’re working in a set of accounts you might see the message: Updates available, or Compliance Pack Updated.

Update of client details

If you have this option and it’s related to updates of client details you should:

  • Review the updates then Update to bring the changes in, or Ignore to leave your set of accounts unchanged.
    If you ignore an update, you can find it later by Set of Accounts Options* then Updates then Updates ignored.

Compliance pack updated

If it’s informing you about a compliance pack update, you can review what changes have been made but you have no choice in taking those changes.

The messages might inform you about compliance changes. For example, if the compliance pack contained Companies Act 2015 updates, you might see a message advising that companies act references have changed on the balance sheet and investment properties note.

  • Click Read more to see what changes the update will make to your client.
  • Changes to main details only work one way, i.e. from the client summary to a set of accounts. Changes you make to your client’s details in a set of accounts will not transfer back to the client summary screen.
  • You’ll only see notifications about updates whilst your client is marked as In Progress.

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