Add, edit or delete bank accounts

When you first sign up, two default bank accounts are automatically created for you, a current account and cash in hand account. However, you might want to set up more accounts, for example a credit card or a savings account. Setting up new bank accounts is quick and easy.

The default current account is displayed on the Summary window and allows you to keep an eye on your bank history and financial status. It’s not possible to change this to a different bank account.

To add a bank account

  • 1. Banking > Manage Bank Accounts > Add a New Account.
  • 2. Complete the following information:
Account Name * The name of the account as you want it to appear on the bank account list.
Account Number The bank account number for this account.
Sort Code The sort code for this account.
Account Type * Choose the type of bank account you want to create.
IBAN Enter your International Bank Account Number (IBAN).
BIC Enter the Branch Identifier Code (BIC).
Address Enter the address of the bank.
Contact Details Enter a contact telephone number and email address.

* These details are compulsory.

  • 3. Click Save.

Your new bank account is now ready to use and if the bank has an opening balance you can enter this now.

To edit a bank account

If you need to amend the details of an existing bank account, simply click Banking > click the relevant bank account > Manage Bank Account > Edit Bank Account > amend the details as required > Save.

To delete a bank account

You can’t delete the default current or cash in hand accounts. You also can’t delete a bank account once you’ve used it to process transactions. Instead, to prevent any confusion, we suggest amending the account name to Do not use.

If a bank account has no transactions associated with it, click Banking > click the delete button next to the relevant bank account > Yes.

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