Check bank

You can use the check bank process to compare and match figures against your bank statements. When you check a transaction, the transaction is hidden from the bank activity. This makes it easier for you to identify any possible differences, such as bank charges or interest that you haven’t yet entered into Sage One.

If you use an online banking service, you may also be able to import your bank transactions into Sage One using bank feeds or the Import Statement option. To save time, imported transactions are automatically marked as checked when viewing the bank account.

To view any transactions that you’ve previously matched, select the Display Previously Checked check box.

To check your bank account

  • 1. Banking > click the bank account you want to check.
  • 2. Amend the start and end dates to match your bank statement.

The list of transactions updates and only transactions between the two dates appear.

  • 3. Check your bank account as follows:
  • If you’ve previously checked some transactions on this bank statement, select the Display Previously Checked check box.
  • If you’ve imported transactions using import statement, the transactions are automatically marked as checked.
  • To match a transaction to your bank statement, click the relevant transaction or select the Checked check box.
  • To clear a transaction matched in error, click the transaction again or clear the Checked check box.
  • 4. Check that you’ve matched all the relevant transactions > Save.

You’ve now checked the transactions against your bank statement.

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