To edit or delete transactions

There might be times when you need to edit or delete a transaction you’ve already entered. If you’ve made a mistake or need to cancel a sale, it’s really easy to correct.

If you need to cancel a sale, for example because a payment from a customer has been cancelled, you should reverse the transaction rather than delete it.

To edit a transaction

  • Cashbook > click the relevant item > Edit > amend the details as necessary > Save.

You’ve now edited the transaction.

To delete a transaction

If you’ve used Check bank and checked the transaction, a warning message appears: Are you sure you wish to delete this transaction, it has been bank reconciled? You can still delete the transaction.

  • Cashbook > click the delete button, , next to the relevant transaction > Yes.

You’ve now successfully deleted the transaction.

To reverse a transaction

If you need to reverse a transaction, simply create a new one using the original details and enter the total as a negative value, for example, -100.00

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