Financial settings

You may need to change your financial settings in Sage One, for example, if you want to enter your VAT registration number, or if your accountant changes the financial year of your business.

From the financial settings, you can also enter your opening balances or export your transaction history as a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

To change your financial settings

  • 1. Settings > Cashbook Settings > Financial Settings.
  • 2. Amend the following details as necessary:
Year End Date Enter the last day of your financial year.
VAT Scheme The current VAT scheme appears. If necessary, you can change this.

If your company isn’t VAT registered, choose Not Registered.
VAT Number* The business VAT registration number.
Submission Frequency* Choose how often you submit VAT information to HMRC.

* These fields only appear if you have entered a VAT scheme in Sage One.

  • 3. Click Save.

You’ve successfully amended the financial details for your business.

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