Attachments for Online Filing

Use ‘Attachments for Online Filing’ to add to the submission to HMRC the accounts, the tax computation and any additional documents.

Accounts for filing online

If you are submitting a set of accounts with the company tax return

  1. Ensure that ‘Attach set of accounts from your computer’ is selected.
  2. Click Browse to open the Search window.
  3. Locate and highlight the accounts.
  4. Click ‘Open’.

The selected accounts html file will be displayed in place of the Browse option.

If are not submitting a set of accounts with the company tax return

  1. Select ‘Don’t attach any set of accounts’.
  2. Use the menu to select the reason for not submitting the accounts.

Computation for filing online

If you are including a computation

Ensure that Attach the computation is selected. The computation will be automatically generated and attached.

If you are not including a computation

  1. Select ‘Don’t attach the computation’.
  2. Identify Reason for not attaching the computation from the menu.

Additional Documents

If you are attaching additional documents

Any additional documents must be in PDF format and must not be larger than 5 MB.

  1. Click ‘Browse’ to open the search window.
  2. Highlight the required document.
  3. Click ‘Open’.

The selected documents will be displayed above ‘Browse’.

To attach additional documents, repeat the process.

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