Online Filing Errors in Corporation Tax

The following are the most frequent errors that arise when attempting to file the company tax return, CT600, and the company accounts online.

Error message Details
Online Filing Error 1046. The supplied user credentials failed validation for the required service Details
The accounting period for this amended return does not match the records currently held for the company Details
Online Filing Error 1611: No original return yet recorded Details
Online Filing Error 1612: Cannot file an amendment after the allowable due date Details
iXBRL Online Filing Error 3303: One of the Inline XBRL documents contains malformed xml Details
Online Filing Error 3304: Original return already received for this period Details
Online Filing Error 3312: Name of Director signing Directors Report is missing Details
iXBRL Online Filing Error 3314: Inconsistent duplicate fact values Details
iXBRL Online Filing error 3315: Generic dimension member has no associated name or description item Details
XBRL submission error – cvc complex type.2.4.a: invalid content was found Details
The ‘decimals’ attribute is invalid – The value is invalid according to its datatype Details

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