Submitting the Company Tax Return

When the company tax return is complete, has been approved by your client and is ready for submission to HMRC, go to Attachments for Online Filing, to add the accounts, tax computation and any additional documents.

To submit the documents:

  1. Click Computation Preview.
  2. Click ‘Generate Submission Files’. A list will appear of the outstanding issues which must be resolved before you can make a successful submission. Each item on the list will contain a brief description and a link to the page from which the issue may be resolved.
  3. When you have resolved all of these issues, or if there are no issues to be resolved, ‘HMRC Submission Files’ will open. Enter your user id and password. If the submission is of an amended return, then select ‘File as an amended return’.
  4. Click ‘Generate and Submit’. ‘Client Summary’ will open, from where you can see the progress of your submission, at ‘Corporation tax returns generated for online submissions’.

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