Computation Preview

Computation Preview provides a summary of the company’s corporation tax details, including:

  • Unique Tax Reference
  • Profit per the accounts
  • Total tax profit
  • Corporation tax payable

It also includes expandable analysis schedules which provide additional information in support of the tax calculation. The schedules summarise the computation data entered and will therefore vary from company to company.

You are not able to enter details directly on to either the Calculation Summary or the supporting schedules. You should enter these on the computation data screen.

From the top of Tax Calculation, you have options to:

Check Computation and Return

Check Computation and Return provides a list of issues which must be resolved before your submission to HMRC will be successful.
Each item on the list contains a brief description and a link to the page from which the issue may be resolved.
If there are no issues to be resolved, then you will see a message advising you of this.

Generate Reports

Use Generate reports to create a copy of the company tax return and tax computation.

Generate Submission Files

Use Generate Submission Files to begin the process of filing the company tax return, tax computation and additional attachments to HMRC.

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