How to cancel your Sage One account

If you decide you no longer want to use your Sage One service, you can choose to cancel your account. If you choose to cancel your account, you can’t access your data from the date it’s cancelled.

If you have more than one service registered to the same email address, for example accounting and payroll, and you want to cancel one of your services, you can do this yourself from the Edit Subscription option, you don’t need to contact our support team.

Before you cancel your account, we recommend that you print any information you might need from Sage One. For example, your balance sheet, profit and loss and trial balance, as you can’t access this information once we cancel your account.

To cancel your account

If you wish to cancel your Sage One subscription, please click here to complete the online form.

You can reinstate access to your business and reactivate your service at any time, provided we receive the request in writing. This must be from the person we have listed on our system as the business owner or person who first set up the Sage One account. Once reinstated we’ll start billing you again, as normal.

Your final payment for your Sage One service

When you pay for your Sage One service, you pay for full months only. The invoice for your Sage One service is generated on the first day of each month. It covers the period up to and including the end of the month and is payable on the 16th of the month.

If you cancel your account on or before the 16th, the invoice for the current month is still payable, and the final payment is taken on this date. If you cancel your service after the 16th of the current month, but before the 1st of the next month, as you’ve already paid for the full month, so no further payment is due.

Alternative services

If your current service doesn’t suit you, why not take a look at the other services we offer:

Sage One Start
Sage One Accounting
Sage One Payroll

Alternatively, the Sage Store also has a variety of different payroll and accounts software that may meet your needs.

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